December 29, 2020

West over/under Buy or Sell?

Adam and Jon look at the Vegas line for each Western Conference NBA team, using their first two or three games as a bench mark, the guys discuss if they will buy or sell stock on each teams early performances

To begin the week, Adam and Jon dive into the over/under as provided by Vegas to decipher which teams are going to cover the spread, and who will ultimately fall short. Following Adam and Jon's exploration of the lower half of the Eastern Conference, the guys are joined by ESPN's Eric Woodyard to dive into the hottest topics around the NBA right now

This week, Adam and Jon get together to discuss the absolute insanity of NBA Free-Agency. Looking at winners, losers, and weird decision makers, the guys break down each major free-agent move while looking at how it affects their new team. 


Obviously, Adam is hurt about Gordon Hayward, while Jon is enjoying the Knicks taking their time and making smart decisions. And both are dumbfounded by the Pistons decision making. 


Every major pickup is covered here, and it's a great way of staying up-to-date with all the moves around the league so far.

Adam and Jon are joined by Yahoo Sport's NBA Insider Keith Smith to discuss the finer points of the salary cap in the upcoming season, teams possible trade targets, and of course the Houston Rockets weird situation. Keith is an incredibly talented writer, with his finger on the pulse of the NBA, a very informative and enjoyable episode! 

November 10, 2020

It’s a date!

Adam and Jon get into the news of the NBA resuming play in December, looking at possible changes to the regular season series, and how well teams will fair with the changes regarding fans and travel. 

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